How can I select right combination and doses of fertilizer for any crop?

 Please contact your Area/Block Agriculture Officer.

What is meant by the term "balanced fertilization"?

 The requirement of nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash are soil and crop specific. The use of right ratio of nutrients as per soil or crop requirement is known as "balanced fertilization".

Are chemical fertilizers harmful for crops, if used in. excess quantity or in wrong combination of nutrients?

 Are chemical fertilizers harmful for crops, if used in. excess quantity or in wrong combination of nutrients?

How chemical fertilizers are different from bio-fertilizers?

 Chemical fertilizers are manufactured artificially. They are primarily, chemicals having nitrogen, phosphate and potash as main soil nutrients. Bio-fertilizers are plants such as bacteria (azotobacter, rhizobium etc.), fungi etc. that fix free nitrogen from the atmosphere, which is then 'used by the crops.

Is there any expiry date of fertilizers?

 There is no expiry date of chemical fertilizers. However, in case of imported Fertilizers, the container (bag) has. indication regarding month and year of Manufacture/import.

Crcular Notification

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Overseas Projects or Joint Venture Projects

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Fertilizer Projects

Project Division

The project Division in the department deals with processing proposals for setting up of new / expansion / debottlenecking projects in the fertilizers sector by Public Sector Undertaking and Private Sector Companies. It also handles matters relating to setting up of joint venture Ammonia-Urea projects abroad.

Indian Fertilizer Scenario

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