Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited (RCF)


RCF is a leading fertilizer and chemical manufacturing company in India in the Public Sector. It was established on 6th March, 1978 on the reorganization of erstwhile Fertilizer Corporation of India Ltd. into five new companies viz. Fertilizer Corporation of India (FCI), Hindustan Fertilizer Corporation Limited (HFC), Projects & Development India Limited (PDIL), National Fertilizers Limited (NFL) and Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Limited (RCF). Presently the authorized share capital of RCF is Rs. 800 Crore & paid up capital of Rs. 551.69 Crore. Company has been accorded coveted “Miniratna” status in 1997.

Company operates two units viz. one at Trombay (Mumbai) and the other one at Thal, Raigad district, about 100 KM from Mumbai. Company has portfolio of products which includes Urea, Complex Fertilizers and Industrial Chemicals. The Ujjwala Urea and Complex fertilizer Suphala brands of fertilizers manufactured by RCF carry high brand equity and are recognized brands all over the country.  These products are taken to the farthest corner of the country by extensive RCF dealers network spread throughout the country. 

Besides Urea and Complex fertilizers, RCF also produces bio-fertilizers, micronutrients and 100% water soluble fertilizers.  Apart from these products, RCF produces 20 industrial chemicals such as Methanol, Ammonium bicarbonate, Methyl Amine, Formic Acid, Dimethyl Formamide etc. which find elaborate applications in many industries like dyes, solvents, leather, pharmaceuticals and a host of other industries.

RCF always strives for upkeep of the plants through modernizing and upgrading technology.  Revamping and de-bottlenecking is the secret that has kept the company thriving for four and a half decades.  As part of modernization, RCF has modernized its Ammonia – I, Nitric Acid, Methanol and ANP plants at its Trombay unit.  This has facilitated plants to sustain operations and meet technological challenges of improved efficiency, lower energy consumption and maintain environmental norms.  It has also resulted in company achieving the highest standards of safety and product quality. Company has also completed another ambitious project viz. Ammonia revamp at Thal unit which enabled company to produce an additional 3.0 Lakh MT of Urea and save precious foreign exchange.

Every year RCF signs Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Government of India.  The performance is evaluated independently by the Department of Public Enterprise. RCF has been consistently achieving best rating of “Excellent” since 2002-03.

Vision and Mission


To be the world class corporate in the field of fertilizers and chemicals with dominant position in Indian market, ensuring optimal utilization of resources taking due care of environment and maximizing value of stake holders.  


Exponential growth through business excellence with focus on maximizing stakeholder value by manufacturing and selling fertilizers and chemicals in a reliable, ethical and socially responsible manner.                                                                                             


Financial Performance:    

Industrial / Business Operations

                                                                                       (In Rs Crore)




(upto December 2013) ## 

Total Income  



Profit before Tax



Net Profit









                                             ## As accounts are yet to be finalized provisional data cannot be furnished. 

Physical Performance:

                                                                                                     (In MT) 


Production Capacity 

Production  Performance  



Urea (Thal)




Urea (Trombay)




Suphala (15:15:15)




Suphala( 20:20:0)





Performance Highlights

Trombay Unit:

            Following records were achieved during year 2013-14:  

Yearly Highest Production:


Sr. No.


New record

Previous Best



1,29,915 MT

1,20,050 MT in 2011-12



52,13,690 M3 

47,98,760 M3 in 2012-13


TG Power

89,538 MWH

85,144 MT in 2011-12


Water Soluble MAP

382.22 MT

286.65 MT in 2012-13


Liquid Biola

1,07,340 Lit

60,720 Lit in 2012-13



263,530 Lit

2,10,000 Lit in 2012-13


        Lowest Ever Specific Energy Consumption: (MKCal / MT)





New record

Previous best



10.154 in 2011-12






New record

Previous best



7.096 in 2012-13


Thal Unit:


 Yearly Highlights:

  • Successful commissioning of the third phase of Thal Ammonia revamp scheme. After this daily production of Urea has crossed 6,000 MT.

Following records were achieved during year 2013-14.  


Yearly Highest Production:


New Record

Previous best


19,93,800 MT

19,51,200 MT in 2012-13


Lowest Ever Specific Energy Consumption: (MKCal / MT)




New record

Previous best



8.848 in 2012-13




New record

Previous best



6.220 in 2012-13



Strategic Issues

Some of the strategic issues affecting the company are as follows:  

  • High cost of domestic gas
  • Controlled regime where MRP of Urea is fixed.
  • Inadequate gas supply of domestic gas to be made up with purchase of costly imported LNG.

Import dependence on Rock Phosphate and Potash. 


Human Resource Management

a)     Manpower as on 31st March 2014:


Total Employees

Number of Employees Belonging to
















































b)     Redressal of Public Grievances and Welfare Measures.                                                                            

Company has put in place highly effective Grievance Redressal System.  Any citizen having complaints in respect of the production or services rendered may approach the Company.  Similarly any aggrieved customer / dealer or any other citizen can approach the Company for any failure of the quality / price charged / conduct of any officer / employee and will be dealt as under.

The grievances can be addressed to a special officer of the Company not below the rank of Dy. General Manager who will act as the Nodal Officer for redressal. The name, address and telephone No. of the officers are available on Internet on Company’s website www.rcfltd.com. It is assured that the Nodal Officer will immediately take up the issue with the concerned department and appropriate action will be initiated within seven days from the date of receipt of the complaint or an appropriate reply is sent within seven days as the case may warrant.

A separate Grievance Redressal System is developed by the Company to handle issues related to staff also. For this a statutory Grievance Redressal Committee has been formed. This committee comprises equal representatives from Management and Workmen. A Grievance Cell has also been formed, where all employees can register their grievances and get replies within two weeks.

  1.                                 i.            Welfare of Minorities:

RCF has policy whereby a representative of the minorities is included in the Recruitment Selection Board.

  1.                               ii.            Welfare, Development and Empowerment of Women:

RCF as an organization has always been fair in treating employees without any gender bias. Opportunities for growth, training, challenging jobs, learning are equally available to both men and women employees of RCF. There are considerable number of Women in the batch of apprentice trainees in technical areas. 

Women are working in technical / non-technical / managerial positions and some of them have risen to the level of top management positions in the organization.

All the welfare and employee benefit schemes are equally applicable to male and female employees of RCF.

Under the special schemes and policies for women employees RCF has set up

  • Special Cell for Women Employees (as per Communication from National Commission on Women)
  • Committee for Sexual Harassment Cases (as per Supreme Court Guidelines)
  • Special Medical check-ups/camps.

All the benefits in accordance with the legal requirements such as Maternity Benefits, Nursing Breaks, etc. are given to women employees.

RCF is one of the pioneer members in the Forum of Women in Public Sector (WIPS) since its inception (1990).  It is a corporate member of this forum and has been representing in all activities of the forum with total support and participation in all activities. Some RCF women officers have been working with the forum as heads of task forces members of committees and have contributed in policy making and development of women to a great extent. Many women employees in the company have won awards also for performance excellence.

As a part of regular training, RCF incorporates awareness building for all officers (Men and Women) on the Sexual Harassment Guidelines and also covers gender sensitization issue.

  1.                             iii.            Welfare of SCs and STs:

The guidelines regarding the reservation and in Recruitment and Promotion for SCs and STs are followed.

c)     Recruitment and Training (2013-14):

At RCF, recruitment is carried out only after thorough study of the manpower requirement across various domains. There is comprehensive system in place to identify the training needs of the employees and based on the analysis and feedback, various training sessions are organized for their professional advancement. Company also organizes various training sessions which help personal growth of employees such as financial literacy, environmental awareness etc. Company has full-fledged training centre where not only company employees but large number of students are also given industrial training as a part of industrial academic interface.


Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development (CSR/SD)

RCF strongly believes in discharging its Corporate Social Responsibility and always targeted its CSR activities towards empowering the under privileged.

A host of CSR activities are undertaken by the company. Some of them are elaborated below:

Running of School:

RCF has constructed a primary school at Thal as well as a secondary and higher secondary school in Kurul (District Raigad).  RCF is mainly concentrating on imparting training to the students in Computer and Information & Technology subjects.  Administratively the schools are run by Deccan Education Society, Pune for which RCF pays the service charges to the Institute. Complete expenditure incurred on infrastructure, educational material and salaries of the teachers is borne by RCF.  Yearly around 2000 children are benefited from this activity.

Drinking Water Supply to Nearby Villages:

RCF, Thal supplies drinking water to its nearby villages like Thal, Vaishet, Navgaon, Boris, Gunjis, Kurul and Kihim Colony free of cost.  The maintenance of water pipelines in the mentioned villages is also looked after by the Company. Around 16000 residents of the villages are availing this facility given by the Company.

Road Repairs of Villages:

RCF Thal has constructed asphalted roads in the villages adjacent to it at the time of factory erection in the year 1980. These roads are straightway connected to Thal and Navgaon villages from the boundary wall of the Company.  Company does regular repairs of these roads as per the requirement put forward by Gram Panchayat. 

Mid Day Meal Scheme:

RCF is involved in providing Mid Day Meal to needy school students in and around Chembur area with the purpose of providing proper nutrition to the students in those areas. ISKCON, a renowned Food Relief Foundation, provides good and healthy meal to the needy children on behalf of RCF. In all 6000 students are availing the benefit of this scheme.  

Mobile Medical Van:

In the baseline survey, undertaken by Tata Institute of Social Science(TISS) in Thal area, it was highlighted that major problem in that area is lack of primary health facility for common ailments like cough, cold and most of times villagers have to travel long distances to get the treatment for such minor ailments. Keeping this in view, it was decided to start Mobile Medical Van facility. The service is run by premier health care organization Wockhardt Foundation

RCF has taken the initiative to commission the first mobile van in 2007 through Wockhardt Foundation and since then, administered free primary health care to lakhs of needy people.  On an average 25 Villages are covered in weekly cycles and around 25000 Patients are benefited from free medical services including supply of medicines. Through this facility ailments like Blood pressure, Low Hemoglobin Levels, Malaria Hepatitis, Dengue, Typhoid and Diabetes, etc. are treated on regular basis,

One doctor is always present in the van. It is equipped with GPS system to enable RCF to track it on real time basis. It is properly equipped with medical instruments like Torch, Nebulizer, Stethoscope, Blood Pressure Machine, Magnifying Glass, Weighing Scale, Pulse Oxymeter, Malaria Kit, Dengue Kit, Hepatitis Kit, Typhoid Kit etc. Company has been operating 3 Medical vans around Chembur area and one van is operated in the villages nearby Thal unit.

                        RCF SUPER- 30:

In the year, 2013-14 RCF has also started a unique programme under which Centre for Social responsibility and Leadership has established a unit of Abhayanand Super 30 in Mumbai. Under this, about 30 underprivileged but talented students of Greater Mumbai and Maharshtra state are provided 11 months of free residential coaching for admission to IIT/NIT and other premier engineering colleges. Academic Mentor of this programme is Shri Abhayanand, co-founder of Super 30 Patna. For selection under this programme annual income should be around Rs 2.5 Lakhs. RCF through “Centre for social responsibility and leadership” provides free boarding, food, normal medical care, technical coaching and mentoring, counseling and daily-weekly mock tests. Programme is designed to ensure radical transformation of 3 generations i.e. past, present and future.



Trombay Unit    

  • Greentech Safety Award - 2013 in Silver category for excellence in safety management among fertilizer industries, instituted by Greentech Foundation was conferred upon RCF, Trombay Unit.
  • Greentech Environment Excellence Award 2012-13 in Gold category, instituted by Greentech foundation for outstanding performance in environment management.
  • Sustainability Award 2013 for excellence in Safety, Health & Environment in Chemical & Petrochemical Sector was conferred by FICCI.
  • 'Best Technical Innovation Award’ for Suphala Plant at FAI Annual Seminar 2013.

Thal Unit

  • Greentech Environment Excellence Award - 2013 in Gold category was conferred upon RCF, Thal Unit.
  • Golden Peacock Award 2012-13 for excellence in Safety & Health by Institute of Directors.

Other Developments  

Some of the milestones achieved during the year are:

  • Successful installation of solar power facility on rooftop at 5 company locations.
  • Company has received 5,65,262 CERs during the year 2013-14 for its CDM project    

    implemented in Nitric Plants at Trombay unit.

  • Completion of third phase of Ammonia revamp at Thal.