The Functionalities of iFMS System

The functionalities of iFMS System:


Ø Transactions: iFMS captures the transactional details entered by the companies on a daily basis and the system always provides latest information to DOF and State Government relating to - Import of raw material/finished goods, Custom clearance, Receipts of plant, Production, Dispatches from Plant and Ports and Returns, Receipts, Sales, Warehouses details, Wholesalers details and Claim generation. These transactions in the system capture information in detail and facilitate the department in monitoring the movement of fertilizers and settlement of claims.

Ø Subsidy Claims & Freight Subsidy: The subsidy & freight claims are generated by the companies on the system and submitted to DoF.

Ø Provision has been made for the state agriculture department officials to enter the- Receipts made in their states, Substandard or short quantity and certify and upload the Proforma B directly on the system, and Provision has also been made to upload quality certificate (Proforma B2) by the state governments.

Ø Public Domain: The public domain of the system is various reports are available here for viewing, with regard to state-wise, district wise and company-wise dispatch and receipts of various grades of fertilizers.

Ø Production and Movement of SSP: Around 243 companies manufacturing and supplying SSP in the country are entering their transactions on the system.

Ø The MIS(Management Information System) provided on iFMS gives up to date information about the fertilizers. Some of the indicative reports are:


· State-wise/District-wise/Finished Good-wise/Dispatch Report

· State-wise/District-wise/Finished Good-wise/Sale Report

· District-wise-distribution wise sale Report

· Supply Plan Vs Actual Receipts

· Requirement Vs Supply Plan