Fertilizer Monitoring Systems

Fertilizer Monitoring Systems of Fertilizer Accounts Division for processing Subsidy Claims:


The mandate of the Department of Fertilizers is to make available fertilizers to the farmers at affordable prices. The affordable prices part of the mandate gets translated into subsidised fertilisers. The subsidy portion of fertilizers which ranges from 30% to 70% of the cost of the fertilizers is given to the companies, so as to make available fertilizers for the farmers at subsidized MRPs. The requirement of fertilizers is projected by the state governments to the Department of Agriculture & Cooperation which in turn, coordinates with DoF for finalizing the requirement of fertilizers in the country. With the objective to monitor the import, production and movement of various subsidized fertilizers and processing subsidy claims, different software systems were introduced by DOF viz FMS, mFMS and iFMS.


(i) Fertilizer Management System (FMS): The department of Fertilizers implemented the FMS in May 2007 with an aim to track movement of fertilizers in the country. It monitors the production, dispatches, receipts and sales of DAP, MOP, SSP, NPK and Urea (Indigenous and Imported) fertilizers from point of production to district warehouses. The system at present is being used for: tracking movement from plant/port till district level with relevant documentary evidence.


(ii) Mobile Fertilizer Management System (mFMS): To achieve more visibility and transparency in the fertilizer supply chain from production to receipt at the last point sale (retail point), the mFMS was introduced in the year 2012. The subsidised fertilizers namely Urea and 21 grades of Phosphatic and Potassic (P&K) fertilizers like DAP, MAP, TSP, MOP, Ammonium Sulphate, SSP and 15 grades of NPKS complex fertilizers are covered under the mFMS. Mobile Fertilizer Management System (mFMS) has been rolled out through all the registered fertilizers manufacturers (145), wholesalers (21687) and retailers (2 lakh approx.) across the country. Mobile Fertilizer Management System (mFMS) was proposed as an extension of FMS and it captures the movement of fertilisers from district up to the retailer. It was envisaged that mFMS will capture sales at the last mile from the location (retailer in this case), maintain inventories such that it will help retailers/ dealers in their day to day working and build the farmer database with an aim to ultimately transfer the subsidy.


(iii) Integrated Fertilizer Management System (iFMS): Integrated Fertilizer Management System (iFMS) is fully operational w.e.f. 1st September, 2016 which is more comprehensive, all-inclusive system which integrated, incorporates and enhances the features of both earlier systems i.e. FMS and mFMS.