Economics & Statistics

P&I Division under E&S Wing is headed by Economic Adviser. He advises the Department on various issues relating to fertilizer sector such as research activities and economic analysis of specific importance assisting in firming up of policy issues. The Economic Adviser is assisted by Dir ( E&S)

P&I section  deals with the  compilation of production data of major fertilizers- Urea, DAP and Complex Fertilizers; setting of annual and monthly production targets for all Urea, DAP & Complex Fertilizers manufacturing units; monitoring and compilation of the production data of major fertilizers on daily and monthly basis company-wise, season-wise, sector –wise and nutrient-wise formats.

This division is also entrusted with the task of  preparation of Monthly D.O.letter to Cabinet Secretariat and Monthly Quick Estimate of fertilizers production for CSO, Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation ( MOSPI) and Index of Industrial Production (IIP) data for MOSPI and DIPP ( M/o Commerce)

 P&I section also provides production data on major fertilizers for various publications including Annual Report of DoF. Economic Survey etc. Further briefs/analytical notes are provided for formulation of policy etc. 

The rapid build up of fertilizer production in the country has been achieved as a result of favourable policy environment in the Public, Cooperative and Private Sectors. At present, there are 31 large size urea plants in the country manufacturing urea, 21 units produce DAP and complex fertilizers and 2 units manufacture Ammonium Sulphate as a by-product As on 1st April, 2017 reassessed capacity of urea is 207.54 LMT and annual installed capacity of DAP and Complex Fertilizers are 147.34 LMT.

The periodical reports prepared by P&I : 

•    Plant-wise Reassessed Capacity & Production of Urea during 2006-07 to 2017-18 (up to December, 2017)
•    Plant-wise Installed Capacity & Production of DAP during 2006-07 to 2017-18 (upto December, 2017)
•   Plant-wise Installed Capacity & production of Complex fertilizers during 2006-07 to 2017-18 (up to December, 2017)
•    State-wise Reassessed Capacity & Production of Urea during 2006-07 to 2017-18 (up to December, 2017)
•    State-wise Installed Capacity & Production of DAP during 2006-07 to 2017-18 (up to December, 2017)
•    State-wise Installed Capacity & Production of Complex fertilizers during 2006-07 to 2017-18 (up to, December, 2017) 
•    Year-wise production of all fertilizers during 2001-02 to 2017-18 (up to December, 2017)


Monitoring and Evaluation Divison (M&E)


M&E Division under E&S Wing is headed by Economic Adviser. The subjects dealt with by the Division includes monitoring of performance of PSUs through holding Quarterly Review Meetings, matters relating to Agriculture Ministry such as bio-fertilizers, balance fertilizer, soil health cards etc., organic fertilizers based on Urban Solid waste including City Compost; subject relating to renewable/non-renewable energy; clean technology & general environment issues; publication  of the  Yearbook (Indian Fertilizer Scenario); study relating to space technology in fertilizers sector; monthly bulletin of the Department of Fertilizers


M&E Division also deals with Techno Economic Clearance (TEC) for Project Imports for Renovation/Modernization/Revamping of existing fertilizer plants on the basis of two stage clearance/procedure.  The guidelines framed by the Department of Fertilizers for dealing with TEC cases are as under:


 Guidelines for dealing with TEC Cases

 In accordance with requirement of Notifications, D/o fertilizer (DOF) has formulated internal guidelines for grant of Techno-economic Clearance (TEC). The TEC for Project imports for new fertilizer plant (initial setting up or substantial expansion) and renovation/modernization/revamping of the existing fertilizer plant is granted on the basis of two stage clearance/procedure as stated below:

 (i)            In the First Stage, the essentiality of the proposal is examined by Director/DS (E&S) of the DOF in consultation with PDIL for technical inputs and submits it through Economic Adviser and AS&FA for approval of Secretary, D/o Fertilizers. The proposal is examined on the basis of the estimated capital cost of the scheme/ Project and cost of goods that are proposed to be imported. Besides essentiality, the applicant/importer is also required to adopt competitive bidding process for procurement of goods so as to minimize the cost.  In the case of proprietary item, the reasonableness of Price of imported item is to be established by the company/applicant. Once the essentiality and reasonableness of price of goods are established, the first stage Techno-economic clearance/approval of Project import is accorded. The competent authority for grant of first stage Techno- Economic Clearance/approval of Project Import is Secretary, D/o Fertilizers.

 (ii)           In the second stage, the Department of Fertilizers would attest the list of goods to be imported after ensuring that the procedure of Competitive Bidding has been followed by the applicants except in the case of items which are proprietary in nature.  The lists of goods shall be attested by a technical officer of the rank of Deputy Secretary and also Dy. Secy   to the Govt. of India and the second stage approval would be accorded by the Economic Adviser or equivalent Officer in the Department