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2015 Years of Soil Swachhta Bharat Mission Make in India 150 years of celebrating the Mahatma Skoch Gold Award


The IFD of the Department of Fertilizers (DOF) is headed by Additional Secretary & Financial Adviser who is assisted by a director (Finance), Deputy Secretary (Budget), Asstt. Financial Adviser (Under Secretary), two Section Officers and a small complement of staff in Finance-I and Finance-II unit.

Broadly, the work being handled in IFD includes the following :-

  • Examination and finalization of Annual Budget.
  • Preparation of various financial statements to be furnished along with Final Statements of Budget Estimates.
  • Consolidation and printing to Demands for Grants.
  • Proposals relating to re-appropriation of funds.
  • Proposals relating to Supplementary Demands for Grants.
  • Vote on Account.
  • Quarterly Projections/waiver of quarterly ceilings.
  • All proposals of Administrative Divisions for financial advice including policy proposals.
  • Preparation of outcome budget.
  • Financial concurrence on claims relating to subsidy payments for imported urea/indigenous and imported P&K Phosphatic fertilizers such as DAP, SSP, Complex fertilizers etc.
  • Coordination work relating to meeting of the Standing Parliamentary Committee for Department of Fertilizers for discussion on Demands for Grants.
  • Proposals for Standing Finance Committee (SFC) and Expenditure finance committee (EFC).
  • Vetting of Audit parasites.